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FAQ: Mixtapes in Hip-Hop

10 Jan

A mixtape is a promotional collection of songs produced as a showcase of either an artist or DJ’s abilities. Named so after the cassette tape format they originally were created on, modern mixtapes are now more likely to be found as CDs or downloadable MP3 files.

For the most part mixtapes are free of charge, whereas album releases are the opposite. In terms of cost, albums are expensive to make and usually require record deals (or in the case of independent label releases, a distribution deal) to be released nationally, whereas mixtapes travel just as far via the web, and are thus the best way for unsigned artists to gain more attention and get their work spread to their target audiences. Due to the cost of album production, record labels often allow their signed hip-hop artists to release promotional mixtapes in between album releases, so as to generate online buzz and feedback regarding the content, which in turn acts as a cost-efficient way for the labels to tweak the upcoming album to fit the feedback and thus avoid an expensive flop. Continue reading


B.o.B – ‘No Genre’ Mixtape (FREE DOWNLOAD)

7 Dec

CLICK ABOVE FOR DOWNLOAD: Click 'Free Download' on the screen that appears, and then click on the giant 'File Download' black tab on the next screen.

In the last 24 hours international chart-topper B.o.B. has released a free mixtape for his fans, which you can download by clicking the mixtape cover above.

The mixtape, entitled ‘No Genre’, is a return to B.o.B.’s deeper rap roots, and is largely a far cry from the debut album ‘The Adventures of Bobby Ray’ that was a smash hit worldwide with its number 1 singles ‘Nothin’ On You’ and ‘Airplanes’. Continue reading